Top 10 tech trends 2016

Top 10 tech trends 2016


In 2016, cybersecurity will be the main issue vexing global business, firms say, and it will become more critically important as the internet of things takes off and our world becomes ever more mobile and connected.

Top 10 tech trends affecting business in 2016

1. Cybercrime and a renewed emphasis on cybersecurity

2. The internet of things and the development of the hyper-connected world

3. Real-time data analytics, not intuition, driving business decisions

4. New data protection laws forcing firms to rethink compliance strategies

5. Artificial intelligence and robotics replacing repetitive tasks

6. Smartphone becoming the primary tool for almost everything

7. More business applications for virtual and augmented reality tech

8. Increased personalized and in-store location-based marketing

9. Drones to be allowed to make deliveries and perform other public tasks

10. Established businesses to face increased competition from start-ups

Source: BBC