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TomTom’s latest database extends global coverage

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: TomTom, one of the world’s leading providers of location and navigation solutions, has released its latest digital map products, including Tele Atlas MultiNet 2010.06. The company’s navigable map products now cover more than 32 million kilometers (20 million miles) across 102 countries and territories globally. TomTom’s digital map database is used by millions of people who use it in GPS devices, smartphone applications and online. Nearly half a million edits were sourced from community input in the latest release, verified through stringent review processes and incorporated in this map product release.
Some of the features that are incorporated in the new product are:

1) The launch of MultiNet in Nigeria and Uruguay;
2) Expanded navigable coverage for Chile and Niger via ConnectPlus, a map product developed to meet market demand for navigable coverage in new geographies;
3) Fully attributed street network coverage added for four new cities in Mexico; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Buenos Aires, Argentina;
4) Significant coverage enhancements in:
– Russia: Street network upgraded to fully attributed coverage in four cities; addition of more than 3,00,000 precise address points for more accurate routing;
– Greece: Street network upgraded to fully attributed coverage in 203 municipalities; and
– India: Street network coverage expansion reaching 80 per cent of India’s urban population; Street network upgraded to fully attributed coverage in 24 cities.

The maps have leveraged community input as an innovative way to enhance map products. For the latest release, anonymous GPS measurements have:
– Increased the road network extensively in several countries, including additional road network geometry in Canada (2,500 km), Poland (4,000 km), and Romania (5,000 km);
– Enabled the delivery of Speed Profiles in Greece, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa this quarter. Speed Profiles is derived from aggregating and processing more than two trillion GPS measurements, helping drivers to identify optimal routes and more accurately estimates travel times.

Additionally, TomTom’s latest map products continue leveraging anonymous GPS measurements to further build gradient content across more than 1.5 million km of highways and lower class roads in North America and Europe.

Source: TomTom