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TOMTOM selects Tele Atlas as North American map data provider

Tele Atlas, the provider of digital map databases and real-time traffic information in the United States, and TomTom, a provider of personal navigation systems based on Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PCs, announced that the two companies have extended their relationship worldwide to include map data and products for North America. The current collaboration, which began in Europe, solidifies Tele Atlas as a strategic map data vendor for TomTom’s global personal navigation products. TomTom, provider of the highly successful Navigator product, strengthens its position as a world leader in the development of the personal navigation market by incorporating the latest Tele Atlas mapping data for North America. Tele Atlas’ highly accurate and fully attributed turn-by-turn map data enhances TomTom’s Navigator product with greater functionality and improved ease of use. Handheld users are provided with the most up-to-date maps, routing, and driving directions for both business and lifestyle decisions.

Tele Atlas is a worldwide provider of digital maps. Its North American subsidiary is based in Menlo Park, California. The company enables its customers’ successes through unsurpassed leadership in delivering both high-quality digital maps and real-time traffic information for business and consumer applications. Tele Atlas focuses on providing content to key market sectors including Telematics/Automotive Navigation, Location Based Services (LBS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). TomTom is a global provider of software for handheld computers and mobile phones. TomTom’s products offer mobile users a range of innovative travel solutions. TomTom was founded in 1991 in The Netherlands and has offices in Amsterdam, London, and Concord, Massachusetts. The company’s products are sold through a distribution network of top retailers in more than 15 countries.