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TomTom releases updated maps for customers in US and Canada

Concord, USA, 21 December 2006 – TomTom, a provider of personal navigation products and services, has announced the release of accurate maps for US and Canadian customers. TomTom is offering free maps for TomTom GO x10 and TomTom ONE users, and other eligible customers upon validation at www.tomtom.com/products/maps.

The new maps in TomTom’s accessory programme contain updated information including: 410,000 miles of new roads; more than six million new household and business addresses; 500,000 new Points Of Interest; improved road detailing; and updated shopping centers, golf courses and more.

The new maps are compatible with the entire TomTom product portfolio including the TomTom GO range, TomTom ONE, TomTom RIDER, TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 (TomTom NAVIGATOR products require compatible devices).

The new maps are available on DVD and can easily be installed through TomTom HOME. TomTom HOME is TomTom’s free software application that enables customers to efficiently manage and personalize their content & services from their computer. Further, when a consumer installs a new map, the latest version of the TomTom application will automatically be downloaded to the device.

This latest release is based on the Tele Atlas MultiNet 2006.10 global digital map database. The content is developed through the most comprehensive and advanced industry processes for anticipating and detecting real world change, and contains data from more than 50,000 authoritative resources.

Today, nearly 90 percent of all e911 calls in the US annually are routed using Tele Atlas maps, encompassing about 100 million emergency response calls each year. Now TomTom is bringing this same quality content to its end users.

– Pricing and Availability
Free (plus shipping and handling) for TomTom GO 910, GO 510, TomTom ONE and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 with validated serial number/product code until March 31, 2007. $49.95 for TomTom GO 300, GO 700, TomTom RIDER and TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 customers until March 31, 2007. $149.95 for all products after the promotional period ends on March 31, 2007. The new maps are available immediately at www.tomtom.com/products/maps.