Home News Law & Policy ‘TomTom may sell users’ data to govt officials in Australia’

‘TomTom may sell users’ data to govt officials in Australia’

Australia:TomTom Australia may sell GPS data collected about its customers’ journeys to road authorities and private companies even after it was forced to apologise when that same data was used by Dutch authorities to set speed traps.

TomTom Australia told The Australian Financial Review that although the company intends to never to sell data in that way, it could not rule out such activity in Australia, The Register reported.

TomTom Australia’s VP of marketing, Chris Kearney, said that the company hopes to sell its data to organisations such as the Road Traffic Authority and VicRoads in the second half of this year, but has yet to seal a deal. He said that the data sold was anonymous and impossible to trace it back to individuals. Kearney added the company would look at ways to prevent the data being used to set speed traps.

“A vast majority of TomTom users grant TomTom the permission to collect road speed data. In doing this they allow TomTom to better understand road congestion and to deliver a better navigation solution back to users,” Kearney continued.

Source: The Register