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TomTom introduces geospatial for govt, business

San Francisco, US: Netherlands-based satellite navigation device company TomTom has announced the launch of a new geospatial service that is styled like ‘Google Maps for enterprise’ and is targeted towards the business and public sector.

The latest offering includes services like geocoding, which can convert a street address to a map coordinate, optimal vehicle routing as well as mapping information display.

Besides offering consumer navigation devices and iPhone applications, TomTom also has an automotive division, a business solutions division focusing on tracking and tracing for the logistics sector and a licensing business for its traffic and mapping data.

Speaking at OpenWorld 2011 in San Francisco, TomTom senior manager business development, George de Boer, told Computerworld Australia that a logical use for the new service to add a new layer of information and use to Oracle’s Business Intelligence application.

“Just like you are used to seeing Google Maps at home, we are enabling the same experience for users in enterprise applications,” he said.

Source: Computer World