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TomTom, DUEL to provide real-time traffic data for Rome

Rome, Italy: TomTom partnered with traffic management experts DUEL to provide location and traffic information in the Lazio region of Italy. TomTom will deliver a combination of maps, and both historical and real-time traffic information to support forecasting of traffic for the area. Drivers will benefit from a more comprehensive and accurate view of what is going to happen on the road networks, enabling them to choose the best possible route to their destination.

“According to TomTom”s Congestion Index, Rome is among the most congested cities in Europe with a congestion level of 34 percent, meaning that on average travel times in the region are 34 percent longer than they would be under uncongested conditions,” said Nuno Campos, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TomTom Licensing. “TomTom is excited to partner with DUEL to collaboratively develop more effective traffic management.”

“TomTom”s highly granular and accurate traffic information is enhancing the sources already used by Italian local authorities,” said Colasanti, DUEL”s CEO. “We believe that the fusion of this data with existing sources will produce significant congestion reduction through the development of a powerful traffic forecasting tool.”

Source: TomTom