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TomTom completes 1.5bn map updates in a month

US: TomTom has announced that it has finished 1.5 billion updates to its digital maps in one month.

On an average, TomTom’s maps database absorbs more than 570 changes per second. The changes are a mixture of geometry and road features and may include a new POI, an altered road junction or a new address.

Alain De Taeye, member of TomTom’s Management Board, said: “The time between a change happening in the real world and this change being reflected in our map data is now much shorter – and considerably shorter than that of our competitors.

“Every change that happens in our map is quality guaranteed – so not only can we scale beyond any other mapmaker, but it also comes with the right level of quality for even the most demanding applications.”

During the past few years, TomTom has further optimized professional mapmaking techniques with the use of community input from hundreds of millions of map users worldwide, GPS probe data from 550 million connected devices, local map technicians and mobile mapping vehicles.

De Taeye said: “To shape the future of mobility, 1.5 billion changes to our maps in a single month proves the scalability of our unique production platform, and brings us a step closer to real-time maps. We’re excited to be driving this future.”