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Tomlinson awarded GISP Certificate for Lifetime GIS Achievement

In recognition of his numerous achievements in the industry, the GIS Certification Institute has awarded Roger Tomlinson, the GISP Certificate for ‘Lifetime GIS Achievement’. In addition to the Certificate, the URISA Board awarded a lifetime membership in the association.

William Huxhold, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Chair of URISA’s Certification Committee which developed the program, commented, “Without Roger’s dedication to GIS, it is doubtful that there would even be a professional GIS Certification. His contributions to the industry have been, and continue to be, exemplary.”

Commonly known as the “Father of GIS”, Roger Tomlinson, GISP is the principal of Tomlinson Associates, a firm of consulting geographers. He has advised clients such as the World Bank and the United States and Canadian Forest Services. He holds a Ph.D. from University College, London and lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

To keep in the spirit of GISCI Certification, Mr. Tomlinson completed the certification process and signed the GIS Code of Ethics, a requirement of all those awarded the GISP designation.

Mr. Tomlinson noted, “First let me thank you and the URISA Board for this singular honour. It was quite unexpected, in fact only recently I was talking to Jack Dangermond and hearing of his admiration for the graduates of the program, and wondering if I would qualify. I will have no difficulty in signing an ethics statement, my companies and all our people have lived with a rigorous ethics standard since GIS began, it will be a pleasure. Again let me thank you for this generous award and wish success to the GISP program.”

The GIS Certification Program went “live” on January 1, 2004. Professionals interested in pursuing certification can download application materials at www.gisci.org and begin preparations for submitting their qualifications for recognition as Certified GIS Professionals and earn the designation, “GISP”.