Togo develops an updated topographic database

Togo develops an updated topographic database


Lomé: Togo has developed a new topographic map. The database will be used to prevent the loss of life and property in natural disasters.

Seminar on Digital Cartography during which the news topographic database was announcedRecurring floods have been a major problem in Togo. It was observed that the topographic map developed in 1960 could not help enough in understanding the real situation. Therefore, the Ministry of Planning and Housing started developing a new map. Experts worked for two years to build, restore and organise the various data collected throughout the territory. Japanese experts were also called to help. The new database talks about rivers, vegetation, soil suitability, possible expansion of cities etc. The database creation project was done between March 2011 to July 2013.

The workshop was attended by the Minister of Planning and Housing, Komlan Nunyabu and Kofi Dakey, Direction of Togolese Department of the National Cartography and the Cadastre (DCNC) along with the Japanese delegation that supported the project.