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Tobago fishermen get free GPS devices

Trinidad: The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) provided free GPS and wireless radio sets to 369 fishing boats in the region. The first batch of the units will be distributed to the owners of boats at the prize-giving ceremony of the 2012 Tobago Game Fishing Tournament on July 26 at the auditorium of the School Nutrition Cooperative in Canaan.

Secretary of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment, Councillor Gary Melville, said in an interview that both the GPS and wireless radio sets will cost the Assembly an estimated TTD (Trinidad and Tobago dollar) 1 million.

He explained that GPS devices will allow operators to track their boats at sea and to locate any of the equipment and engines stolen from them. The wireless radio sets can be used to communicate with persons on land via the TEMA station at Observatory Hill in Charlotteville.

Melville said the new equipment would bring added comfort to the relatives and friends of fishermen while at sea.

The Agriculture Secretary also gave an update on the various fishing facilities around Tobago. He said in a month’s time facilities will be opened at Roxborough and Belle Garden while those at Lambeau will begin operating at the end of August and Swallows at the end of September.

Source: Stabroek News