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TNRIS Selects FME for Efficient Data Translation During Emergency Response

Canada – Safe Software, the leaders in spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) announced that their spatial data translation solution, FME, has been selected as a key component for the Geospatial Emergency Management Support System (GEMSS) being developed by the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS).

FME will enable spatial data from disparate formats to be quickly loaded into the SQL Server 2008 database in which GEMSS spatial data is stored. Upon its completion, GEMSS will provide emergency responders with the information they need to make fast and appropriate decisions that can save lives, money, and property.

FME will play a critical role in the success of GEMSS, enabling the system’s SQL Server 2008 database to immediately accept up-to-date spatial data from local providers, regardless of its originating format. As emergency responders upload their latest spatial information to the GEMSS portal, FME technology will be working in the background to translate the uploaded data into the SQL Server 2008 database. Decision makers will then be able to dynamically view this critical spatial data, updated automatically in Microsoft Virtual Earth, by displaying and hiding the various layers of information they need for making timely, efficient decisions.

“The goal of GEMSS is to not only provide a spatial warehouse for post-emergency analysis and planning for future strategies, but also to help emergency responders manage current and future emergency events. GEMSS will enable emergency responders to review current data in a timely manner, providing them with the ability to make informed and therefore more accurate decisions to save property and lives,” says Chris Williams, Database Administrator at TNRIS. “To successfully accomplish this, GEMSS must be capable of consuming information in any spatial data format, immediately upon its availability.

FME’s on-the-fly translation capability addresses this critical need, enabling us to make real-time emergency management a reality.”

Upon the completion of GEMSS in December this year, TNRIS will leverage the project’s framework for two of its upcoming initiatives. First, TNRIS plans to unveil a general viewer that will showcase TNRIS Strategic Mapping (StratMap) base map data. Next, the GEMSS framework will be used in the development of the Texas Hydrologic Information System which, when complete, will be used to retrieve and display observation data associated with Texas hydrology. Both of these initiatives will be available to the general public.

“For 15 years, Safe Software has focused on enabling users to freely exchange spatial data, regardless of format,” says Dale Lutz, Vice President of Development at Safe Software. “We know that our customers engage in some very powerful initiatives with our FME technology, but seeing our software power systems that can help save lives is truly incredible.”

In addition to choosing FME for its powerful data translation capabilities, TNRIS has also selected FME for its tight integration with Microsoft SSIS.

FME’s powerful spatial ETL capabilities can be used directly within the SSIS interface, enabling TNRIS to quickly translate data into the SQL Server database while working within a familiar environment. To learn more about using FME with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SSIS, visit www.safe.com/Microsoft.