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Timmons Group unveils new TG LoGIStics GIS product family for state and local governments

Richmond, USA, July 16, 2007: Timmons Group, announced, TG LoGIStics, a new family of GIS tools and GIS centric applications for state and local governments. Under the TG LoGIStics product family , Timmons Group presented Site LoGIStics, Parcel LoGIStics, Road LoGIStics, Utility LoGIStics and iParcel LoGIStics.

  • Site LoGIStics is a GIS-integrated, web-based Economic Development tool which facilitates prospect recruitment 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Site LoGIStics allows prospects to find properties of interest and dynamically examine surrounding demographics and business locations/profiles.
  • Parcel and Road LoGIStics are extensions to ESRI’s ArcMap 9.2, providing users with a rich set of workflow guided parcel mapping and addressing tools. Road LoGIStics includes field addressing components and GPS-enabled capabilities.
  • Utility LoGIStics is designed to meet the needs of utilities in the planning, design, building, and daily operations of water and wastewater systems. Built as an extension to ESRI’s ArcMap 9.2, Utility LoGIStics provides users with tools to create complete, faultless models of water and wastewater infrastructure systems.
  • iParcel LoGIStics provides a solution for land records internet mapping. iParcel LoGIStics delivers digital maps and related content to State and local governments by providing a single point of access for the library of geographic maps, aerial photography, and satellite imagery available to a jurisdiction. iParcel LoGIStics is created using ESRI’s ArcIMS and provides jurisdictions with access to the vast amount of data they require to more efficiently perform their daily operations.