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Timmons Group maps out cost savings with EMC Information Infrastructure Solutions

Massachusetts, USA, 08 May 2007: EMC Corporation announced that Timmons Group has implemented EMC storage, software and services to manage the massive amounts of data generated by its sophisticated, large-scale GIS database.

Timmons Group initially replaced its HP storage area network (SAN) with an EMC CLARiiON SAN. As projects continued increasing in size and complexity, Timmons migrated to a dual-protocol EMC CLARiiON CX3-20 UltraScale FC/iSCSI system, which features combined fibre channel and iSCSI connectivity in a single storage array to give customers the flexibility to easily and cost-effectively consolidate information from and between disparate networks.

“EMC allows us to continue using our existing hardware and extend the life of our HBA investment while attaching more servers to our back-end SAN,” said Bryan Moore, IT Infrastructure Manager for Timmons Group. “By using the EMC CLARiiON CX3-20’s fibre channel connectivity for our large-scale application files and Oracle 10G and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases, we avoid bottlenecks when pulling that data over the local area network. Our development environment is less demanding, so we use the CLARiiON’s iSCSI connectivity to provide a staging area for developing and testing code, as well as to house email, Word documents, .pdf files and other departmental data such as RFPs and scope of work.”

“With EMC, we can house multiple virtual servers and develop and test our applications on the fly,” commented Moore. “The costs savings are enormous, especially since it gives us the flexibility to handle whatever environments our clients might have in the future without deploying additional servers. As a result, we’re able to reach out to a much broader client market.”

Timmons also has achieved cost savings with the EMC Celerra networked attached storage gateway connected to the CLARiiON CX3-20. By storing its critical information, such Microsoft Exchange email on Celerra, Timmons has been able to consolidate from four files servers down to one, freeing several thousand dollars worth of hardware to be redeployed elsewhere in the company. Because of the excellent performance of CLARiiON iSCSI connection to the Celerra, Timmons will continue to use the gateway solution to support Exchange 2007 as it migrates toward that environment.

As part of its next generation backup strategy, Timmons Group also implemented the latest version of EMC Replication Manager software to facilitate faster backup and recovery processes.

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