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TIGER2002.com announces TAB and SHP Format TIGER/2002 Datasets

TIGER2002.com made available the latest Census vector map data, reformatted in .TAB and .SHP formats. StreetSmart™ 4.0 is designed for instant creation of beautiful, accurate maps within standard GIS packages, while retaining all the analytical capabilities of the full GIS dataset. It comes with workspaces for MapInfo users and project files for ArcView users, along with over 50 data layers for the entire US, including

· Local roads
· Highways
· Shields
· Census boundaries
· Landmarks
· Water
· And much, much more

StreetSmart from TIGER2002.com saves users the time-consuming and error-prone task of converting the raw “native” TIGER/Line® 2002 data into a GIS-friendly format. The StreetSmart data is complete, including all the fields needed for geocoding. Alternate names for roads have also been implemented to maximize geocoding success rates. The latest release is tiled by state to save users the time of loading county-by-county data and includes a data loader extension.

Users of older data products, such as Wessex Streets, that are no longer being updated will find excellent compatibility when upgrading to the latest StreetSmart dataset. Improved geocoding hit rates is one of the main advantages of moving beyond TIGER98 or TIGER95 data, with hundreds of thousands of changes since then.

Nationwide pricing is only $395 for the Roads and Boundaries dataset or $295 for Roads only. Users who need data to aid in geographic analysis will find the Roads and Boundaries product most valuable due to the inclusion of several Census boundary layers such as block groups and tracts. This pricing is far more affordable than other commercial sources for nationwide street data.

Samples for download and order forms are all available from www.tiger2002.com .