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TIG centre’s contribution wins the new partner of the year award

Come into operation on 1 April 1998, under the Environmental Protection Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) is to avoid, minimize and control the adverse impact on the environment of designated projects through the environmental impact assessment process and the environmental permit. For the first 3 years of its operation, EIAO received more than 464 project applications worth over HK$326 billion to meet environmental requirements. Over 1 million people were to be protected from adverse environmental consequences and many hectares of valuable ecological areas have been saved from destruction. Applications that were successfully processed covered over 93 kilometres of highways and roads, 75 kilometres of railways, 355ha of site formation and development work and 164ha of airport decommissioning work in Hong Kong.

To further enhance the information distribution of the EIAO Register System through the web, GIS applications has been put into force to allow public to locate or search EIA projects by map. It contains a polygon layer, which stores each project location, and this layer is linked to a database that stores the relevant project information. To provide direct web editing environment for these information, we 1.0 is applied. we 1.0 provides simple, quick and user-friendly editing functionalities within ArcIMS browser interface. The 60 EIA intranet and internet users could access and edit spatial data on the EIAO Register System conveniently. Users from different locations and with only basic GIS skills could operate we easily to edit existing data.

ESRI’s GIS application supported by TIG Centre’s web edit software we are useful in the provision of detailed geographic information for many EIA projects of different status, such as projects submitted, applied, studied or exhibited for public inspection, etc. GIS has emerged as a powerful and integral tool in many areas of business, government and society. TIG Centre is committed to introducing web based GIS software to the market. As a result of our contributions, we were awarded the New Partner of the Year Award presented by ESRI during the Worldwide Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, USA on 22 March, 2003. We are the first ESRI’s business partners from Hong Kong winning such award.

Since it was founded in 2002, TIG Center has determined to develop as the leading web edit GIS software provider in Hong Kong. Focusing on the developments of GIS products based on ESRI technology, we are committed to bringing innovative and customized idea to meet customers’ requirements in the region. Last year, TIG developed and brought new product to the market with specialized knowledge and expertise. TIG teamed up successfully with ESRI and worked well with the international distributors.