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TIG centre holdings limited announces the release of we 2.0

Hong Kong TIG Centre Holdings Limited, GIS products and solutions provider, has released its we 2.0 software, an extension to ESRI’s ArcIMS software. we 2.0 is the enhanced version of we 1.0 which was launched with great success at the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, July 2002. Several enhancements have been included in we 2.0, such as snapping across layers, zooming to selected feature, map navigation and improved rollback function. Cross layer snapping can be applied to Move, Copy and Vertex editing. Editing feature can snap any vertices of existing features in any layer. User can simply turn on or off Snapping on specific layer on the Legend without selecting reference features in advance. The new edited vertex will snap the closest vertex within snapping tolerance. we 2.0 will enable user to zoom to all selected features or a specific one. The new “Zoom to SelectionSet” function allows user to show all selected features by both graphical selection and attribute query. New “Locate” button on the attribute window allows to zoom to a specific feature highlighted.

More user-friendly navigation tool such as zoom in or out, pan, and full extent functions are added in we 2.0 so that user can see the details of edited layers. The improved rollback function facilitates user to rollback a single Edit Detail beside the whole Edit Request. we 2.0 also comes with a localization kit which allows localizing into different languages both in we Client and we Server interface. Users can simply translate messages in their own languages. Localized we 2.0 setup kit can also be generated for specific language. Gerry Ma, CEO of TIG Centre Holdings Limited remarked during the launch that, “We are glad that web based editing tools for GIS application is well received by GIS users. The release of we 2.0 marks another milestone in our development and we will continue to enhance our products and solutions for the market. Established in 2002, TIG Centre Holdings Limited specializes in the research and development of GIS related software with a focus in GIS web edit solutions. TIG Centre Holdings Limited is ESRI’s international business partner and is committed to being a reliable and influential GIS solutions provider.