Tieto and HERE Technologies join hands to deliver industry specific software

Tieto and HERE Technologies join hands to deliver industry specific software


Finland: Tieto’s portfolio of services (consultancy, infrastructure, outsourcing and application services) and business application platforms, together with HERE’s expertise in location-based services, present a great opportunity to address the market with joint solutions. By combining both companies’ technologies and capabilities they will provide location context to business applications as a foundation for digitization strategies that allow customers to accelerate their business and generate new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Practical use cases include proactive solutions for fleet management, supply chain management and logistics solutions using HERE tracking and mobility solutions.

“This partnership is more than the sum of its parts. The cooperation between HERE Technologies and Tieto combines cutting edge technologies in 5G networks, smart cities, automotive solutions and the Internet of Things,” said Tom Leskinen, Head of Product Development Services, Tieto. “Moreover, our offerings complement each other in a way which will drive new innovations and accelerate the utilization of these new technologies. Even the most demanding customers needs in these areas can be met.”

“Location intelligence is a determining factor to derive outcomes and drive business goals based on patterns and relationships across very often siloed location datasets. The ability to integrate technologies to reap the full benefits from non-stationary assets and their usage is the future,” says Victor van Dinten, Global Director Strategic Alliances, HERE Technologies. “HERE Technologies and Tieto are poised to provide these advantages to their customers on a global scale.”

For more than 30 years, HERE has been a global leader in location data, analytics and platform services. HERE is backed by several investors: Audi, Bosch, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Intel and Pioneer.

Tieto Product Development Services enable semiconductor, connected device and communication infrastructure vendors build next-generation IoT, Mobile & wearable devices, Connected car and Networks. Together with alliance partners, we deliver complete chipset, software and services solutions for 5G, IoT and automotive. Tieto’s Product Development Services is a trusted Technology development and Systems Integration partner for Telecom industry for over 20 years.