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Tier 3 Inc. to offer enhanced Data Conflation Solution to utility and telecom markets

As utility and telecommunication companies look to deploy integrated business and GIS applications to better meet the demands of their business as well as meet regulatory requirements, they also want to leverage legacy investments in technology and data and look to standardize data where it makes sense.

Many GIS applications now require higher levels of spatial (horizontal) accuracy in their data to fully realize available operational benefits and improve the expected return on investment. However, much of the existing GIS facility data were originally placed relative to a street centerline network derived from small-scale maps resulting in horizontal accuracies that can be off by several hundred feet in many areas. Having known inaccuracies like these, severely limits how and when these future applications can be used.

Tier 3 has enhanced its proprietary data conflation methodology and software “tool-kit” to improve performance and increase flexibility in spatially re-locating existing GIS facility data to higher accuracy land base and centerline network products. Our solution is highly automated and offers our clients a mechanism to quickly and effectively improve the spatial accuracy of their existing GIS data enabling them to properly deploy and support future applications.