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Three decades of diamond exploration on one map

A new 1:5m scale map showing Australian diamond deposits was released recently by Geoscience Australia at a special one-day seminar on mineral exploration in Perth. The map, titled Australian Diamond Deposits, Kimberlites and Related Rocks, shows Australia’s operating diamond mines, historic alluvial mines and selected occurrences of diamond, as well as more than 500 intrusions of kimberlites and related rocks, a small number of which carry diamond in sub-economic amounts. Most of these bodies have come to light over the last 30 years in the course of diamond exploration by companies and this information has been generously provided for incorporation on the map.

In 2001, through the world-class Argyle mine in Western Australia, Australia produced 22 percent of the world’s supply of natural diamonds by weight. The map should be of interest to companies exploring for diamonds, government departments and researchers. It is available in two formats:

  • as a pdf file which you can download free by clicking HERE; or
  • as a hard copy, paper map for $55 ($77 laminated) including GST from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre