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This isn’t an ordinary can of Coke

Go ahead, give it a shot … “You Can Win, But You Can’t Hide”. This summer, some unsuspecting consumers in US will go to their fridges to enjoy an ice-cold, refreshing can of Coca-Cola, only to find that it’s not a can of Coca-Cola at all. What looks like a hi-tech, space age device is in fact the latest innovation from Coca-Cola — a specially designed can that has been transformed into a GPS transponder and cell phone. Winners, who find one of these cans press a button to activate it, volunteer to participate and then have the grand prize delivered to them wherever they are. As part of Coca-Cola Unexpected Summer, consumers could win an all-new 2005 Chevy Equinox, home entertainment system, cash, or any number of additional grand prizes.

This marks the first time in the U.S. that cans of Coca-Cola have been infused with this cutting-edge technology. Each of the special cans will be of comparable size to a regular Coke can, but one glance will tell consumers that these are not the regular cans of Coca-Cola. The cans feature specially designed graphics and a recessed panel with buttons that, when pressed, activate the GPS technology and cellular phone. The inside of each winning can is configured with a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card that enables the can to serve as a cell phone that works in conjunction with the GPS transponder. Once a winning can has been found and activated, its location can be tracked by visiting https://www.unexpectedsummer.com . It’s a consumer promotion for the 21st century.