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ThinkGeo releases Render USA 2.0

Kansas, USA, 23 August 2006: ThinkGeo has announced the release of Render USA 2.0 to complement the popular Map Suite product line. With Render USA and just a few lines of code, GIS developers can build fully functional maps of the United States for their GIS applications, and Render USA is the perfect add-in component for Map Suite Desktop, Map Suite Web, and Map Suite Engine. Moreover, Render USA is a full-featured .NET component that includes a complete collection of rendering objects to automate the process of displaying maps of the United States at any level of magnification.

Designed to save developers’ countless hours or even months of precious development time, Render USA automates the map building process and simplifies it to just three easy steps. In addition to this, Render USA includes a RenderUSA class and a robust 14GB dataset covering the entire United States and its territories. By handling the rendering logic for the various map layers (interstates, roads, lakes, etc.), the RenderUSA class removes much of the work associated with building a mapping application. Also, Render USA includes classes for both C# and VB.NET languages, allowing developers to build mapping applications in the language of their choice.

ThinkGeo based in Kansas, USA, is a provider of mapping and asset tracking technologies and services. ThinkGeo offers a wide variety of high-quality products for asset tracking and for software developers who are authoring mapping and spatial applications.