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ThinkGeo releases Render Canada

Lawrence, USA, 27 June 2007: ThinkGeo LLC has released Render Canada, a .NET GIS plug-in for the Map Suite product line that automates the process of building maps of Canada.

At the heart of Render Canada is the RenderCanada class, which handles the complex rendering logic for the various map layers. The Render Canada package includes a large dataset of Canada in the industry standard ShapeFile format (.shp) as well as the RenderCanada class in both the C# and VB.NET languages.

Leveraging ThinkGeo’s Map Suite line of products, Render Canada drastically cuts down on development time and gives .NET developers full-featured mapping applications with complete coverage of Canada. A plug-in for ThinkGeo’s Map Suite Web, Desktop, or Engine, Render Canada allows developers to develop mapping applications of Canada for any environment, whether it is for the web or desktop.