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ThinkGeo announces support for Portman TLU-100 GPS tracking device

Lawrence, USA, 26 February 2007 – ThinkGeo LLC has announced that Cygnus Track, its GPS tracking solution, now supports the Portman TLU-100 GPS tracking device. The Portman device is a solution for tracking trailers, trucks, and large containers that experience a lot of outdoor deployment.

The Portman TLU-100 features unique solar power collectors that provide 30 days of operation when fully charged. In addition to the solar power collectors, the Portman GPS device contains a built-in battery, which is used as a back-up for when it’s not self-recharging via the solar power collectors.

The Portman device communicates with GPS tracking systems through GSM, GPRS, and SMS and is capable of transmitting a variety of vehicle data, such as speed, distance, and events. Finally, the device also features a configurable sleep mode for maximum power savings as well as a built-in internal tamper switch for extra security.

Cygnus Track support for the Portman TLU-100 adds to ThinkGeo’s constantly growing library of GPS tracking devices, allowing customers to track a wide variety of assets anywhere in the world and under nearly any weather condition. Moreover, Cygnus Track’s extensible design gives customers the option to choose the tracking device that best serves their individual tracking needs and requirements.

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