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‘Thief map’ to warn Shanghai locals

A Shanghai “thief map” contributed by a netizen circles the places intensely haunted by thieves in Shanghai in a bid to warn local people of thefts.

The map indicates the places most densely haunted by thieves in Shanghai in an effort to help people prevent thefts. The map shows over 10 places stricken by theft, most of which are in downtown areas and transportation facilities.

No comment was given by the local police bureau. But a source from Dazhong Daily, a Shandong-based newspaper, said the police station in Qingdao of East China’s Shandong Province has drawn a map of places plagued by theft. The map proved effective in reducing the number of thefts, reported the paper.

As the Chinese Spring Festival approaches, thieves become more active in the city. A report from the Shanghai Morning Post said a policeman caught over 60 thieves in one day last December.

From December 21 to 31, 2004, there were 2,456 thefts reported in Shanghai, according to the Jiefang Daily. Most of them occurred in locations noted on the map.

“Whether the map is correct or not, what we need most is for residents to help by collecting information for us,” said Yu Pinghua, a police officer of the fifth team of the Public Transportation Sub-bureau of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Yu has been involved in anti-theft work on public transportation for years.