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Thetus in partnership with OpenSGI

Oregon, US: Thetus Corporation, a leading provider of semantic knowledge modelling and discovery software, announced a technology partnership with Open Solutions Group (OpenSGI), a geospatial information technology company. The solution combines OpenSGI’s Enterprise GeoCache product with the Thetus Savanna Analysis Solution to deliver high speed access to critical geospatial information and background maps — enabling users to more efficiently search, relate and visualise from a unified view of spatial data and non-spatial knowledge.

Government agencies need to get critical intelligence into the hands of their analysts and operational planners as quickly as possible. Thetus and OpenSGI meet this need by integrating Savanna’s ability to support flexible and changing models with GeoCache’s ability to bring lighting fast maps to the analyst desktop as an out-of-the-box integration.

Savanna, a comprehensive solution for tackling complex analysis, allows users to model problems, search across data sources and visualise results. It provides an extensible set of knowledge, data and application web services that connect end-user analysts with data, models, enrichment tools and geospatial services, creating a solution comprised of systems. It brings a new standard of user experience and model-driven analysis tools to cultural, geo-cultural and human terrain analysis.

Danielle Forsyth, Thetus founder and CEO, said, “OpenSGI understands the power of creating a framework in which knowledge models and geographic information can persist and evolve to meet a variety of objectives across a range of disciplines.”

Source: Thetus