“The World Of Intelligence is All About Gathering Information”

“The World Of Intelligence is All About Gathering Information”


India: The first plenary session of Geointelligence India 2014 with the theme ‘Surveillance in Digital Battelfield’ was chaired by Lt Gen Anil Bhalla, DG DIA & DCIDS. The first speaker of the session, Dr MR Bhutiyani, Director, Defence Terrain Research Laboratory, talked about empowering the armed forces with advanced geospatial intelligence. He explained that this could be achieved through terrain analysis using remote sensing and GIS. “It’s important to develop different kinds of softwares based on the user’s requirement,” said Bhutiyani. He also threw light on ongoing projects in the field of geointelligence like Terrain Assessment System for the Western Sector and System for Information Extraction of the Spatial Terrain Intelligence which was also used during Uttarakhand landslides. “The goal is to meet today’s intelligence requirements and predict tomorrow’s future treat,” added Bhutiyani. Revealing the importance of imagery intelligence, its interpretation and near real-time workflow for time critical applications, Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President, Hexagon India, enlightened the attendees about the concept of Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) and the vital role that ABI tools play to collect, process and use data.

Listing some of the pros of DigitalGlobe’s products like excellent resolution and accuracy, NS Narayana, Senior Director- Government Programmes, DigitalGlobe, introduced their latest product Worldview-3 satellite, claimed to be the most advanced highest resolution commercial remote sensing satellite by the company. Narayana also announced that DigitalGlobe will be distributing 40cm resolution data in future.

Brig Amul Asthana, 11 GR, Indian Army, was also present at the event and discussed about the industry-user synergy in surveillance. He talked about the specific needs of the soldiers and said “The frontline soldier and commander have specific information needs and they must get the information they need but without overwhelming technology load and information over load”.

‘Converting Geographic Coordinates to Navigation Coordinates’

National security is a complex endeavour. The solution has to be unity of action and providing a common enterprise platform,” said John Day, Director, Global-Defence, Esri, as he shared his vision of empowering users by increasing collaboration, agility and responsiveness during the second plenary session. Day explained the need for seamless, online foundation data for all environments. “GIS is an integrating framework for all missions,” he added.

Rear Admiral Dr S Kulshrestha’s talk revolved around the world of navigation as he explained the concept of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) and its impacts. Brig Rahul Bhonsle (Retd), Director- Security Risks Asia, discussed the challenges of converting geographic coordinates into navigational coordinates. He pointed out that some of the ways to overcome these challenges are through open source, encryption, ownership of programme and accuracy.

The second plenary session was chaired by VAdm SK Jha, Chief Hydrographer, NHO.

Source: Our correspondent