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The whole of the Netherlands photographed

Germany: Commissioned by CycloMedia Technology BV, Aerodata has completed aerial photography of the Netherlands. Since 2008, CycloMedia was planning an annual nationwide aerial photograph at high resolution and historically it has been completed on the last day of the leaf-off season just before The Queen`s Birthday.

The project was carried out by partner Aerodata International Surveys with a ground sample distance of 10 cm per pixel. At this time all images are being processed into the two end products: stereo and ortho images.

Stereo10 en Ortho10
The Stereo10 product includes individual images and is used by municipalities and governments as a basis for further processing in order to create various services and products, for instance change detection and high precision mapping. The Ortho10 product is a nationwide orthophoto mosaic with a ground resolution of 10 centimetres and is primarily used for visual purposes in GIS and CAD applications.

Source: CycloMedia