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The University Of Twente purchases 450 licenses of Solidworks Software to meet student demand for 3d Cad

Aug. 19, 2002 – SolidWorks Corporation has announced that the University of Twente in the Netherlands has purchased 450 additional licenses of its three-dimensional (3D) computer-aided design (CAD) software, bringing its total number of installed licenses to 600. Driven by student demand, SolidWorks has become the standard 3D CAD software for the university’s mechanical engineering and industrial design departments.

The University of Twente first incorporated SolidWorks into its curriculum in 1998 based on the software’s functionality, ease-of-use, and short learning curve. With the increased number of licenses, the university can now give all 800 of its mechanical engineering students access to SolidWorks both on campus and from their home PCs. Students are learning how to use 3D CAD technology to meet design challenges similar to those they may encounter in their professional careers.

Throughout their education, the University of Twente’s engineering students work on real-world engineering problems in teams of eight, using SolidWorks as their primary design tool. Students also learn how to use several of SolidWorks partner products. Second-year students, for example, design products for the high-volume consumer goods market using SolidWorks for part and assembly design, and Gold Partner products MoldWorks from R&B Ltd., and MoldFlow from Moldflow Corporation, for mold design capabilities.