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The Universal Address System gets adopted in China

PDAger Mobility Inc. and NAC Geographic Products Inc. have recently announced that the two companies have reached an agreement that NAC Geographic Products Inc. license the Natural Area Coding System to PDAger Mobility Inc. for its wireless location service application – Map4U. The Natural Area Coding System is a new geodetic system that uses simple codes called Natural Area Codes (NAC) to unify all geographic coordinates, area codes, addresses, postal codes, map grids, map sheet codes and property identifiers in the world. A six character NAC can be used to specify any street block or small town in the world. An eight character NAC can be used to represent a building or a house. A ten character NAC can be used to specify roadside small objects such as a fire hydrant, an electric wire pole, a street light, a sewage exit, etc. Since an eight or ten character NAC has reached the resolution of street addresses, they are also called Universal Addresses. With Universal Addresses, people can conveniently specify any locations no matter they are temporary camping sites, fishing spots, or permanent store locations. Universal Addresses are short (only 8 or 10 characters), language independent (only internationally recognized alphanumeric characters), written in one standard without variations, and exist at all locations in the world without any missing spots.

Location based services are not growing as fast as expected in China. One of the major reasons is that the complexity, variations and incompleteness of traditional addresses plus the difficulty of inputting Chinese characters make the method based on traditional addresses to specify locations inefficient and unreliable. The Universal Address System is a solution to solve all these problems. PDAger in China has adopted the Universal Address System. NAC Geographic Products Inc. will also work closely with Chinese governments and other corporations to digitize Beijing with the Universal Address System before the 2008 Olympic Games by marking all street signs and house number plates with local Universal Addresses, listing all businesses with their Universal Addresses on yellow pages, tourist brochures and websites, publishing street maps overlaid with the Universal Map Grids, and providing comprehensive location based services enhanced with Universal Addresses so that Beijing will be able to welcome all its guests for the Olympic Games with convenience and efficiency for traveling in this ancient and modern city no matter whether they know Chinese or not. Established in 2001 in Beijing, China, PDAger Mobility Inc. has experience in the development of wireless GPS / GIS / LBS applications accumulated since 1993, and is specialized in wireless data service, with focus on LBS.