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The MathWorks releases Mapping Toolbox 2 for MATLAB

The MathWorks last week announced the general availability of the Mapping Toolbox 2, a Matlab toolbox that enables users to access geospatial data, build and manipulate map displays, and analyze geospatial data within Matlab. With the new release, users can access a broader range of geospatial data, including standard GIS formats, georeferenced imagery, terrain data, specific data products and simple ad-hoc data files. In addition, the new launch includes new 2-D and 3-D map display tools with improved flexibility and ease of use. With the combined powers of Matlab and the Mapping Toolbox, engineers and scientists can perform original research and develop innovative analysis techniques for mapping and geospatial analysis applications.

The company’s release further adds that The Mapping Toolbox 2 features improvements in a number of areas, particularly for the inclusion of GIS data and georeferenced imagery. The toolbox now supports additional data formats, including ESRI shapefiles, GeoTIFF files, World files for spatially registered images, Arc ASCII Grid, and SDTS Raster Profile. New functions for vector symbolization based on feature attributes enable easy manipulation of the display properties of vector data structures. New support for projections includes the Transverse Mercator projection and improved accuracy of several projections using the PROJ.4 library. The Mapping Toolbox 2 also features a new interactive map viewer that allows users to create and modify maps without relying on command line functions.