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The Launch of the Universal Address system

NAC Geographic Products Inc. have announced that the integration of NAC Technology and Microsoft MapPoint Web Service Version 3.0 has resulted in two revolutionary location based services:
Mobile Location Based Services Network (https://mlbs.net/demo/)
Travel GIS Driving Directions Service )
to provide Universal Addresses, Universal Address powered location based service for 26 countries and all large cities of the world.

Developed by NAC Geographic Products Inc., NAC Technology represents the Natural Area Coding System and its derived systems. Derived from longitude/latitude, the Universal Address is a efficient (eight or ten alphanumerical character) code representing a unique location (to the resolution of 30 meters or one meter) anywhere in the world, no matter in a urban area or on an ocean. It can also be used as a global postal code to sort all mail to each mailbox automatically. It can be used as a Universal Property Identifier for every house, building, bridge, parking meter, fire hydrant, sewage exit, bus stop, well, electric wire pole or tree in the world. Universal Addresses can be directly pinpointed on all maps with Universal Map Grids and navigated by GPS receivers with a simple conversion program. Universal Addresses connect and integrate the information of addresses, postal codes, property identifiers, maps, geographic coordinates, area codes and GPS receivers in the world.