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‘The Economist’ in trouble over Scotland’s satire map

UK: The latest cover of the weekly, The Economist, used a map of Scotland, renamed ‘Skintland’, with placenames such as ‘Glasgone’, ‘Edinborrow’ and the ‘Highinterestlands’. The title of the cover story is, “It’ll Cost You: Scottish independence would come at a high price.” It concluded that independence could leave Scotland as “one of Europe’s vulnerable, marginal economies”. Now, Criticism against the provocative map is pouring thick and fast from all the corners.


 Front page of The Economist

 It is pertinent to mention here that earlier, The Economist magazine had accused India of hostile censorship after being forced by the country’s authorities to cover up a map in its latest edition.

Reacting sharply to the ‘mock map’, Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond, said that the magazine will “rue the day” for poking fun at the Scots. Scottish people have reacted angrily to the ‘offensive and racist’ map.

Venting his ire against the magazine, the minister further said, “This is how they really regard Scotland. This is unionism boiled down to its essence and stuck on a front page for every community in Scotland to see their sneering condescension.”

“This doesn’t represent England. Goodness’ sake, I wouldn’t insult the people of England the way the Economist believes it should insult the communities of Scotland”, he added.

“This is a particular strata of London society. It’s not a very attractive strata. They’re not even funny, let’s face it. If it was a decent joke we’d have a laugh at it. This is just plain insults.”

Source: The Guardian