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The economic benefits of geodata in digital urban planning and building process

Spatineo Inc. and its partner GIS-kvalitet i Norden supported Lantmäteriet, the National Land Survey of Sweden has published a research report that revels the “economic benefit of national harmonization and standardization of geodata and the national platform for access of geodata”. The companies made together a project to Lantmäteriet in which they assessed the potential economic benefit of the use of geodata in the digital urban planning and building process in Sweden. The estimated annual economic value is 22,6 – 42,2 billion Swedish crowns The urban planning and building sector is the biggest sector in Sweden that effects on the built environment. Therefore, Lantmäteriet has been commissioned by the Government to work for a streamlined digital urban planning process. The goal is a more effective interaction between authorities, citizens and businesses. This is promoted by providing all actors the most important national basic datasets as a geospatial service from the national platform. National basic datasets are mainly produced by cities and municipalities.

Our study is a meta-analysis of both Swedish and international studies in which the economic impacts of the use of geodata have been analysed. Results from international studies has been applied to Swedish conditions so that national statistics related to number of units and users, revenues, salaries etc. have been used. One core requirement for the existing studies that has been utilized in this study is that geodata has been an essential part of application, service or product that produces the benefits to users. Without geodata the economic benefits would not have been realised.

Economic benefits

The urban planning and building process includes the following subprocesses: general planning, detailed planning, real estate formation, building permit, building and construction planning, groundworks and construction, and maintenance. Our analysis shows that the biggest economic benefit can be gained in the groundworks and construction, in total 19,4-38,8 billion Swedish crowns. The second biggest economic benefits can be gained in building and construction planning, 3 billion Swedish crowns.

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