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The County of Essex selects ESRI Canada’s Asset Management Solution

After an extensive competitive process, the County of Essex including the lower tier municipalities have selected ESRI Canada to implement a complete asset management solution. The solution will take advantage of the already existing ArcGIS foundation to provide the county’s public works departments with a spatially-enabled asset management system.
It will also replace current paper based processes, thus decreasing operational costs. The system will assist the County and it’s member municipalities in meeting the minimum maintenance standards for municipal highways (Ontario Regulation 239/02) and Bill 175.

“Cityworks by Azteca Systems, Inc. is the only GIS-based asset and maintenance management system available in the market today,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. “It will provide the County of Essex with a solution to track and manage their infrastructure information, customer requests, and work orders within their current GIS environment. Cityworks will leverage the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS solution and provide a true work management solution for the county.”

Cityworks enables local governments to automate the management of their assets, log service requests, generate work orders and expense reports, as well as manage resources. The functionality allows local governments to comply with government regulations, manage their assets and budgets, and documents the handling of service requests while improving their operation and customer service. Since Cityworks takes full advantage of the underlying GIS technology, it allows users to easily spot trouble areas, and adds the
spatial dimension to problem-solving and decision making processes.

Using Cityworks, the county’s public works staff will be able to access work orders, make maps, and perform useful analysis. Management will be able to easily check the status of any work order and see it on a map.