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The city of White Rock recognized for their Property Management application

The City of White Rock, BC, was presented with an Award of Excellence (AOE) at ESRI Canada’s annual Regional User Conference in Vancouver. Alex Miller, President of ESRI Canada, presented the award in recognition of the city’s innovative application of Internet mapping technology for their Property Management application. More than 200 GIS professionals were on hand for the presentation, which was one of the highlights of the conference. The year’s AOE was presented to a small municipality that has extended the functionality of Internet mapping. “I was impressed to see that the City of White Rock has gone beyond simple data query and have developed real world applications for their internal clients,” said Mr. Miller.

The Property Management Application is a customized ArcIMS application that serves as a one-stop resource for information on any property in the city. The information is available to all city employees internally via the Intranet. Based on job descriptions, staff can access the information and editing capabilities of the application. The departments that use the Property Management Application extensively are Planning and Public Works. By typing the address number a user can locate the property on the map and view information including:

*sewer service connection information;
*sewer infrastructure information;
*historical documentation related to that property;
*the property’s legal and building plans;
*orthophoto and topography;
*access to a log of inquiries for that property (a tool to record and manage
public inquiries along with all documentation related to these inquiries);
*solid waste collection days; and
*easement information.

In the near future they will be adding additional modules to the application including building inspections, development permit process, asset management, and census information. The entire application will eventually be launched to the public through the Internet. ESRI Canada presents Awards of Excellence annually to organizations and individuals across the country for their outstanding achievement in the application of GIS technology.