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The City of Saskatoon recognized for their enterprise GIS

The City of Saskatoon was presented with an Award of Excellence at the ESRI Regional User Conference in Regina. Alex Miller, President of ESRI Canada, presented the Award in recognition of the City of Saskatoon’s successful implementation of an enterprise GIS. More than 100 GIS professionals were on hand for the presentation, which was one of the highlights of the conference. The City of Saskatoon is one of the first cities in Western Canada to implement a multi-user geodatabase that will support multiple business areas within the city. The City of Saskatoon is Saskatchewan’s largest city with approximately 213,000 residents. Saskatoon is situated on the banks of the South Saskatchewan river and covers an area of 144 square kilometres which includes over 120 hectares of riverbank parklands. Saskatoon has more than 60,000 ownership parcels and 1,000 kilometres of roadways. The Corporation of the City of Saskatoon employs about 2,784 staff in five departments. GIS in the City was highly decentralized with each department maintaining their own data sets. In 1999, the Management Committee of the City of Saskatoon decided to implement an Enterprise GIS to facilitate data sharing across departments and to eliminate data redundancy. The City decided to implement ESRI’s ArcGIS technology to centralize and spatially enable their corporate database. ESRI’s GIS is scaleable which will allow the GIS to grow with the City’s ongoing requirements. The city implemented ArcGIS desktop, ArcPad, and ArcSDE to maintain and update a parcel and transportation geodatabase. ESRI Canada presents Awards of Excellence annually to organizations and individuals across the country for their outstanding achievement in the application of GIS technology.