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The ANTARIS GPS technology based TIM-LP released by u-blox

u-blox, global supplier of miniaturized GPS technology, has announced the first GPS receiver based on the ANTARIS GPS technology: TIM-LP.

The TIM-LP GPS macro-components is optimized for the implementation of GPS into cellular handsets, PDAs, wristwatches and personal locators as well as navigation systems. TIM-LP – Low power GPS receiver macro-component
The TIM-LP GPS macro-component is based on the ANTARIS GPS technology. With its low power consumption and small size it is optimized for portable, hand-held applications such as smart phones, PDAs and mobile data terminals. The fast start-up times and high sensitivity are ideally suited for use in applications deployed in urban areas.
The ANTARIS GPS technology offers excellent GPS performance at lowest power consumption. Its 16-channel architecture and 8192 time/frequency search bins enable ultra fast time-to-first-fix figures.
The internal Autonomous Power Manager (APM) controls the functional blocks of the receiver and powers down the parts of the receiver, which are not in use. Hence power consumption is reduced drastically without compromising on GPS performance.
The ANTARIS GPS software offers various navigational platforms, which allow optimization of the navigation performance for specific applications. A real-time operating system guarantees stable operation and supports easy access to all hardware functions by offering an Application Link Layer (ALL). The ALL architecture offers an API (Advanced Programming Interface), which makes custom code integration fast and easy.
The ANTARIS Software customization Kit (SCKit) enables fast and easy integration of customer specific functionality into the GPS receiver. The SCKit includes a development board and code examples and comprehensive templates that allow the user to rapidly create their own code. The on-board ARM7 processor is programmed using C and the well-known ARM developer’s suite (ADS). An evaluation copy of the ADS is also included in package. The development environment allows run-time debugging (using the JTAG interface and Multi ICE) for efficient development work.
The TIM-LP GPS receiver follows the successful concept of the u-blox TIM GPS receivers macro-component. This macro-component can be surface mount to printed circuits boards with automatic assembly equipment thereby reducing manufacturing cost to a minimum.
The TIM-LP is mechanically and electrically compatible with the TIM GPS receivers macro-component; so u-blox customers can easily and safely upgrade their GPS solutions.
The ANTARIS Evaluation Kit provides fast experience of the power of the TIM-LP GPS receiver.