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Thales Signs Agreement for Cosmo-SkyMed Activities

France: Thales Alenia Space has signed an agreement with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) for the next phase of the Second Generation COSMO-SkyMed activities. The contract is valued at around EURO 66 million, and initiates the activation of Phase C3 of the programme, i.e. the activities for completion of the system design and basic technological developments for both to the on-board component (2 satellites at the cutting edge of technology and performance) and all ground infrastructures (ground segment, operations and logistics). A Temporary Grouping of Companies has been set up, with Thales Alenia Space Italy as mandataire and Telespazio as partner. This entity will optimise the organisation of all executive activities for development of the system and operational management of the programme.

The value of the Thales Alenia Space Italia tranche of the contract is EURO 43.6 million, while Telespazio’s activities are valued at EURO 23 million. Telespazio will in particular be responsible for developing the ground segment and the integrated logistics of the operations. “COSMO-SkyMed is the crowning achievement of radar technology worldwide, a unique dual-use constellation. This lets us hope that financing for the entire system can be guaranteed by the end of 2014,” said Elisio Giacomo Prette, President and CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italia. In order to guarantee the continuity of the services provided by the First Generation COSMO-SkyMed System, currently at the peak of its operations, it is essential that the first satellite be operational in the first half of 2017 and the second by 2018.

Source: Thales group