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Thales introduces MobileMapper Beacon

Thales has introduced MobileMapper Beacon, a fully integrated wearable beacon module. Thales is an international electronics and systems group serving the defense, aerospace, services and security markets. MobileMapper Beacon delivers reliable real time DGPS corrections for Thales’ MobileMapper line of handheld GPS receivers for GIS data collection. MobileMapper Beacon provides access to standard RTCM SC-104 beacon corrections and delivers them to the Thales MobileMapper CE data collector via a Bluetooth wireless connection. The result is significantly improved positioning accuracy, less than one meter, without the need for post processing.

Advanced digital signal processing techniques provide reliable demodulation of DGPS data from beacon broadcasts, even in challenging environments. MobileMapper Beacon can also provide RTCM messages to the standard MobileMapper receiver through a serial cable. MobileMapper Beacon is compact and fits conveniently onto a user-worn belt. Powered by 4 AA batteries, it’s lightweight of just 1.27 lbs. including batteries and extremely rugged for effortless and secure portability. MobileMapper Beacon is simple to configure using an uncomplicated menu interface on MobileMapper CE, which enables automatic or manual tuning of the receiver and monitoring of operational and performance tests.