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Thales Alenia Space and Omnisys open Brazilian Space Tech Centre

Brazil, March 13, 2015: Thales Alenia Space and Omnisys have inaugurated their joint Space Technology Centre in the Sao Jose dos Campos technology park in Brazil.

Initially, the new center will develop technology partnerships with local Brazilian space companies. Omnisys will also contribute its skills, enabling the center to develop its engineering and design activities for space applications in upcoming contracts. The Space Technology Center could eventually host a data analysis centre associated with the European Copernicus programme, enabling Brazil to more clearly define its satellite requirements for environmental management, with a special focus on the essential Amazon region.

Since signing the SGDC satellite contract, Thales Alenia Space has already implemented a number of concrete actions concerning the development of a space partnership with Brazil. In particular, the company's Space Institute aims to help Brazilian universities establish a master's in space systems engineering, has set up a satellite-oriented university chair, and has coordinated and financed various doctoral theses and joint studies. Furthermore, within the scope of the Technology Absorption Plan, about 40 Brazilian engineers are learning more about space technologies at Thales Alenia Space's French facilities.

Source: Thales Alenia