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Thailand to use GIS to map flood catchment area

Thailand: A government committee rejected Thailand Agriculture Ministry’s plan for larger flood catchment and diversion area. The committee rejected the ministry’s proposal to acquire 3 million rai (1 Hectare = 6.25 Rai), saying that the actual amount of land needed was only 2 million rai. Now, the Ministry has to resubmit its plan based-on GIS, within two weeks.

The 2 million rai of flood catchment and diversion areas has been designated to trap or hold 5 billion cubic metres of flood and excessive water north of Bangkok. There are no details over whether or how the Agriculture Ministry came up with the request for 3 million rai, since it had already been aware of the 2 million rai condition.

Farmers, mostly those based in central provinces along the Chao Phraya River basin, will be warned to carry out third-crop farming beyond September – when high tides are at their peak – at their own risk. They will not be entitled to receive payments after two previous crops farmed before September.

Farmers willing to have their land used as flood catchment and diversion areas will receive THB 600 to THB 800 per rai for empty plots, or THB 4,000 to THB 5,000 per rai where crops have not been harvested.

Source: The Nation