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Texas Land Survey Maps series published

Arphax Publishing of Norman recently announced publication of its Texas Land Survey Maps series at the National Genealogical Society Conference in the States.

Greg Boyd, owner and creator, said development of the books took nearly three years using software innovations and data to devise a map-size and scale, 6 miles high by 4 miles wide. Each book shows original Texas land ownership, transportation routes and other geographic data from a multitude of sources. The result is researcher-friendly.

Beginning in the early 19th century, new territories were opened for settlement using the rectangular survey method consisting of townships and ranges. Texas retained its public lands and used its own methods to distributed it. While parcels may be of any shape and size, they are at least discernible and precise.

The first three books in the series are for Cooke, Lavaca, and Rusk counties. The books contain an all-name index from two sources: the Texas Railroad Commission and the Texas General Land Office. The result is an “Abstract Listing” providing information from both authorities on original ownership of a given parcel.

Unlike Boyd’s public-land maps series, where all the features are presented in three maps per township, the Texas series has everything in each 4-by-6-mile map. The result is a clean, highly readable map on which landowners, creeks, roads, railroads, cemeteries and other features are easy to distinguish.

Boyd’s goal is to publish one new Texas book each week and estimates that it will take five years to complete books on Texas’ 254 counties. The series will be published in digital versions when the software is complete within the next few months.