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Terrorism probes get tech boost in Indian State

Mumbai, India

With the usage of advanced technology and high-technology communication tools by the radical outfits, many times the investigating agencies hit a roadblock during their probe. Because of shortage of cyber forensic equipment, they have to heavily rely on the already burdened Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

In order to avert such problems in future and for speedy investigations and recovery of information from ultra-modern communication tools and computers, the Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Indian State of Maharashtra will soon have its own cyber forensic kit. The police will be purchasing high-technology equipment related to recovery of data from hi-end and smart phones, satellite phones and computers. The state police have floated a tender and the bidding process began a few days ago.

According to a senior ATS official, “We have seen in the past few cases that terror outfits use latest communication systems and use innovative methods while sending terror emails, use sat-phones and smart phones, use GPS and GIS tools. This has thrown a major challenge for the police for investigations. In the event of shortage of cyber forensic equipment we have to depend heavily on the FSL, which is already burdened with several cases. This results in delay in gathering forensic evidence and investigations. “With the availability of the cyber forensic equipment, we can speed up our investigations and collection of technical evidences.”

Source: DNA India