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Terrasolid’s leading software now supports MicroStation V8i

Helsinki, Finland: Terrasolid has released new versions of TerraScan, TerraMatch, TerraModeler and TerraPhoto. The new versions can be seen at Bentley’s Be Together Conference Exhibition during May 17 – 20 in Philadelphia. The new 010-versions now support Bentley’s new MicroStation V8i SELECT Series 1 -version. In addition, they will continue to run on MicroStation V8 2004 Edition.

With MicroStation V8i for example display handling is faster and flexible than with the earlier versions. The new versions have improved tools for automatic building vectorisation, more effective airborne point cloud matching using tie lines and new and improved functionality for mobile point cloud handling and point colouring. One can calibrate, match and classify the point clouds and create true ortho photos in one integrated environment.

At the same time Terrasolid has released new versions also of its other software packages TerraSurvey, TerraBore, TerraPipe, TerraStreet and the viewing products TerraScan Viewer and TerraPhoto Viewer which all now have support for MicroStation V8i. New versions can be downloaded at www.terrasolid.fi and they are available to customers under maintenance at no additional cost.

Source: Terrasolid