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Terrapoint announces WestMap programme

Canada, 10 February 2007 – Terrapoint Canada has announced the launch of a strategic programme to acquire and deliver geomatics information for areas of interest in Western Canada, including major urban centres, the western sedimentary basin, principle watersheds and the oil sands.

The WestMap Program aims at generating a homogeneous geoinformation dataset through the large-scale fusion of complementary remote sensing technologies. Terrapoint, owner of fleet of LiDAR systems, is dedicating part of its vast LiDAR resources to have the information readily available for spring 2007.

Data acquisition for the programme will continue over the next three years and involves the acquisition, processing and dissemination of 3-D geomatics information, including high resolution elevation models and other value-added products.

Using LiDAR, radar and imagery, the programme will cover over one million square kilometers with standard products designed to meet or exceed the needs of the oil and gas community, as well as other private and public sector clients.

The information will be disseminated through a dedicated website with pricing available on a license or subscription-based model. Custom products and services will also be available on a fee-for-service basis.

“We are a company that believes geospatial information must be affordable, easily accessible, up-to-date and offer high value to our clients. This vision will be realized with the WestMap programme,” said James Ferguson, President of Terrapoint Canada.

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