TerraGo to demonstrate its latest software

TerraGo to demonstrate its latest software


US : TerraGo Technologies will demonstrate its latest software for creating and interacting with TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery, including 3D GeoPDF assets, at the ESRI 2010 International User Conference in San Diego from July 13-15.

TerraGo software demonstrations will highlight the capabilities of GeoPDF maps and imagery, which are created by TerraGo software, including its Publisher for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server, Composer, and Publisher for Raster products. TerraGo GeoPDF files publish the layers of information and spatial context from geospatial applications in a compact, easy-to-use, and interactive PDF file that enables any user, even someone without GIS training, to collect and share information.

TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery also unlock unique collaboration functionality in the TerraGo Toolbar and TerraGo Mobile solutions, including the ability to:

—   Mark up maps and images with GeoMarks such as comments, stamps, points, lines and polygons.
—   Collect and embed field-captured intelligence such as forms, photos, videos and other multi-media information.
—   Share GeoMarks as shapefiles, kml, or TerraGo collaboration payloads.

Highlights of TerraGo demonstrations at the Summit include:

—   Terrain visualisation with 3D GeoPDF maps and images produced directly from ESRI ArcScene Release 10: TerraGo will highlight the value of 3D GeoPDF files in terrain visualisation by showing the use of its TerraGo 3D Composer and the TerraGo Toolbar, an extension to Adobe Reader. The new solution helps field workers gain access to 3D intelligence, view coordinates and elevation, measure distances, add information, and collaborate with others in a geo-referenced, 3D context.

—   Crop assessment with mobile-ready GeoPDF images generated from ESRI ArcMap and ITT ENVI: TerraGo will demonstrate how images exported out of ITT and ArcMap can be published as GeoPDF files for geospatial collaboration by field resources equipped with TerraGo Mobile.

—   Oil spill impact inspection using TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS Server and TerraGo Mobile: With its server-based solution, TerraGo will demonstrate grab-and-go access to GeoPDF maps for use by inspectors in the field equipped with Topcon GRS-1 devices and TerraGo Mobile. The spatial annotations captured via TerraGo Mobile are sent back to the ArcGIS desktop environment or to Google Earth for collaboration and decision support discussions using a Hitachi Starboard.

“Our demonstrations provide a comprehensive look at various solutions that involve imagery analysis and collaboration as well as showcase the value of 3D GeoPDF maps in terrain visualisation,” said Chris Watson, Vice President of marketing and business development for TerraGo. “These capabilities are of great value to the ESRI user community. What makes TerraGo solutions particularly powerful is that non-GIS users can also easily collaborate with spatial information, which is vital for any type of situation that requires quick decisions based on accurate geospatial data.”

Source: prweb.com