TerraGo Technologies announces special offers for universities

TerraGo Technologies announces special offers for universities


Atlanta, USA, 15 January 2007 – TerraGo Technologies announced today it will bundle several of its mapping solutions used to create and distribute GeoPDF files into a special package for colleges and universities. The bundle gives campus labs an opportunity to install MAP2PDF and other supporting technologies for use in educational programs at prices starting under $1,000.

The company hopes to satisfy two needs with the new programme. “We’ve had numerous calls from the higher education community for a special university bundle because our software fills the need of helping them easily distribute and utilize data from their Geospatial software systems,” said James Davis, TerraGo Technologies President and CEO. “Of course, it’s also valuable for us to have students who are the next generation of Geospatial professionals seeing and using MAP2PDF and GeoPDF in school and we’re very excited about their enthusiasm over the products.”

The MAP2PDF family of products allows customers to publish and collaborate on GeoPDF files which contain robust cartographic data and mapping capabilities including layers and embedded feature attributes. GeoPDF files give users detailed digital maps and comprehensive mapping functionality in a lightweight, flexible and easy to use format that most people are already familiar with because the product leverages the ubiquitous Adobe Reader. Users simply download a free GeoPDF toolbar from TerraGo Technologies and they are able to view and manipulate maps whether they’re connected to the Internet or not.

Tony Giarrusso, research scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology says it’s a good thing that students in geospatial-centric departments are becoming familiar with GeoPDF because he believes they’ll be seeing more and more of the distribution format.

“Geospatial data are increasingly in demand across all types of organizations and that’s creating wonderful opportunities for our students, but it also means that professionals who are highly trained in GIS are working with more people who have little or no background in our disciplines or in geospatial technology. GeoPDF serves as a bridge between Geospatial professionals and the rest of the world because it provides a simple way for us to package very complex data in a format that can be widely distributed and used anywhere by virtually anyone,” Giarrusso says.

Tim Haithcoat, Program Director for the Geographic Resources Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia agrees. “MAP2PDF and GeoPDF create incredible leverage for GIS and mapping departments and other professionals because now there’s a way to share valuable geospatial data in a format that doesn’t make business and operations people panic. We were thrilled when we first saw the technology. GeoPDF brings maps to the masses,” says Haithcoat.

TerraGo’s higher education bundle includes the school’s choice of MAP2PDF for ArcGIS or GeoMedia as the GeoPDF creation tool, MAP2PDF for Acrobat, MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF for converting high resolution images, Map Assembler and GeoMark Enable, the tool that makes it possible to export updates from Reader to GIS applications via ESRI’s shape (.shp) file format.

Licenses are renewable on an annual basis and each educational lab bundle includes up to 50 seats. For more information, contact TerraGo Technologies at 678-391-9700.

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