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TerraGo launches v.6 geospatial collaboration software

Atlanta, US: TerraGo Technologies, a GIS software solutions provider, introduced new capabilities in its new v.6 software. The new software introduces three collaboration capabilities:

– All TerraGo GeoPDF applications produced by PublisherTM for ArcGIS and ComposerTM for Adobe Acrobat v.6 software are now automatically enabled for dynamic updates and sharing by anyone, anywhere using TerraGo ToolbarTM and Adobe Reader.
– With no-cost TerraGo Toolbar v.6, essential TerraGo functionality can be used with any conventional geospatial PDF making Toolbar the new application of choice for viewing and interacting with georeferenced PDF maps and imagery from a wide range of sources.
– Toolbar and composer v.6 software enables users to easily create their own simple geoforms for faster field data collection and permits attachment of unstructured georeferenced data including audio, photos, and video to specific locations or objects for later distribution and consolidation.

In addition, Publisher v.6 supports automated GeoPDF map production using data-driven pages in Esri ArcGIS.

“As the use of geospatial information continues to grow in all facets of analysis and decision making, so has the need to share updated geospatial information within organisations and between enterprises using disparate systems,” stated Jeff Vining, Gartner vice president for government research and geospatial surveillance operational technology. “New solutions are evolving to meet these demands and to further collaboration, especially in the field.”

“The v.6 software release will positively impact productivity for our customers and the geospatial community at large through enhanced collaboration,” said Rick Cobb, TerraGo CEO. “For TerraGo, the v.6 release marks another major milestone in our proud history of innovation.”

Source: PR Web