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TerraGo delivers strong first quarter in 2010

US: TerraGo Technologies announced details of its first quarter (Q1) 2010 results. Highlights for the quarter include 63% increase in total year-over-year revenue and a 137% increase in year-over-year core software revenue. In addition, the company grew and diversified its customer base, built out its organisation with a focus on software development capabilities, made significant advances with new products, and improved its channel structure.

The company has added more than 800 customers worldwide in Q1. Many new customers purchased solutions that enable them to extend the value of ESRI ArcGIS capabilities through creating TerraGo GeoPDF map assets that are easily distributed, leveraged throughout their organisations for geospatial collaboration and then returned to their ArcGIS system. On the commercial side, organisations such as oil and gas leader ExxonMobil Global Services, IT solutions provider Lyme Computer Systems and consulting firms Dewberry & Davis and MSA Professional Services purchased TerraGo solutions for the first time. In the international government sector, there was strong interest as new customers included organizations in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. TerraGo also added new US-based customers in the local emergency first responder and non-profit segments.

On the product front in Q1, the company completed work on the latest version of TerraGo Mobile, which was launched on April 5, and on the new TerraGo 3D Composer, which is being released through an Early Adopter Program in Q2. TerraGo Mobile has been selected by a number of government organisations for field data collection and sharing, enabling mobile users to take complex maps and imagery into the field where they can access, interact with and add field observations to these files. TerraGo 3D Composer with the TerraGo Toolbar enables organisations to distribute three-dimensional spatial intelligence to enhance situational awareness for field users. The solution displays information from LiDAR and other forms of robust elevation data via a simple 3D GeoPDF that anyone can view and interact with.

Rick Cobb, CEO of TerraGo Technologies, said, “In Q1, we made great progress in areas that are key to our continued success such as launching new products, attracting top talent and adding new channel partners. Our US government business is thriving and we see more success and opportunity in a wide variety of commercial companies as well as international, state and local government organisations.  Across the board, customers are looking to put their geospatial assets to work by getting more intelligence into the field and enabling mobile users to capture geo-referenced field intelligence in a smart way that can be leveraged by the entire enterprise.”

From a partner standpoint, TerraGo extended its network of channel partners to include:
– CompassTools (www.compasstoolsinc.com), a distributor that specializes in field data collection solutions. TerraGo’s efforts with CompassTools have a particular focus on TerraGo Mobile and handheld devices that operate with the solution.

– i-cubed (www.i3.com), a provider of enterprise geospatial solutions that include imagery, elevation data, and data distribution solutions that complement TerraGo’s geospatial collaboration solutions.

– Procalculo Prosis S.A. (www.procalculoprosis.com), a major South American distributor of GIS solutions, including ESRI GIS software and Trimble handheld devices that are part of TerraGo solutions.

TerraGo continued to work closely with ESRI, leveraging a gold sponsorship at the ESRI Federal Users Conference to gain momentum in the quarter. Efforts with Intergraph resulted in several new foreign government organisations purchasing multiples licenses of TerraGo Publisher for GeoMedia.

Source: TerraGo